William J. Brader, President
Our company founder has over 30 years experience in the food brokerage in both the Retail and Foodservice industry.  In 1987, he created the company with the intent of focusing on the development of perishable food products in the retail market place.  Today, he focuses on the retail segment of our business, handling headquarter accounts as Wegmans, and Olean Wholesale.

Annette Drescher, Office Manager – Customer Service

Annette joined our organization in August of 1987.  Her responsibilities include: order entry, broker tracking / reconciliations and overseeing our daily office functions. She has extensive office experience and is well trained to service the needs of our principles.
Jim Merrifield, Customer Development Manager
Jim joined our team in July 2017 with a 27-year background in Dairy, Meat and Grocery in various sales, category management, and finance roles with Kraft Foods. Jim is a life-long Western New York Resident and an expert in our local market customers go-to-market strategies. Jim will be leading our Tops Markets and WNY Independent selling retailers.

Tina Irving, Retail Merchandiser

Tina joined our firm in 2003 to assist with the expanding store geography of our Wegmans’ business, and is responsible for handling the sales and merchandising needs of the stores in the New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Bob Wach, Retail Sales Supervisor/Sales Manager
Bob Joined our firm in 2008 to assist with the Wegmans' and Tops buisness. Bob is responsible  managing the retail staff for the Wegman's Account. Bob also is managing accounts in the natural and specialty areas.

Brian Schmidt, Retail Merchandiser
Brian joined W.J. Brader in June 2014. Brian has held numerous positions in this industry throughout his career. Brian's responsibility is in the Virginia/Maryland area focused on Wegmans supermarkets.

Joe Moehringer, Retail Sales Representative

Joe joined WJ Brader & Associates in December 2015, with 20 years experience in the Grocery business. Joe's responsibility is in the Rochester and Syracuse area focusing on Wegmans Supermarkets.

Tim Lucci, Retail Sales Representative
Tim Joined W.J.Brader in July 2016 from Kroger Mid Atlantic, with over 30 years of experience in the Deli/Bakery Grocery Business. Tim's responsibility is in the Virginia and Maryland area focusing on Wegmans supermarkets.

Carrie Evoy, Customer Service
Carrie handles order entry and all customer service concerns.

Kat Librock, Retail Merchandiser

Kat joined W.J.Brader in April 2014. Kat's responsibility is in the Buffalo and Rochester area focusing on Wegmans.
Jean Tickler, Retail Merchandiser
Jean joined W.J.Brader in February 2014. Jean's responsibility is in the New England Market.
Michael Kouimanis, Retail Merchandiser
Michael joined W.J.Brader in June 2017 as a retail field specialist with key responsibility at Tops Markets. Michael will be covering the Buffalo, NY and surrounding area.

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